Friday, August 22

My new hiding spot

Hoarding blog is my new hiding spot. Welcome! PS. I will not be writing in English there, sorry. Maybe one day.

Thursday, April 25

DIY: Blackhead removal

I hope I'm not the only one with skin that dries up like a desert during winter. Ironic, Isn't it?
And with a bazillion blackheads suddenly appearing all over the T-zone.

As I am still wearing some sort of mummy mask smelling like egg whites, 
I don't really know if this will actually work for me.
I have read numerous of blog posts about this blackhead removal
and it seems everyone is working it out somehow.
So let's get on with it
How to remove blackheads
Egg white blackhead removal

Egg white(s)
Toilet paper

mostly hair...

I think you could get a better result if you place your head above some steam coming from boiling water.
Just  don't sit there for a long time, you're supposed to open pores, not steam boil your face.

I don't know If I will try this again.
Do you have any better ideas?

Sunday, April 14

GOSH Makeup 2013 pt.2

GOSH Makeup 2013 part. 2



[BROW KIT, 001]


 [Not really black black, but dark brown as the picture above shows]

[Not as dark as the eye liner, but very similar]



 I can't seem to get enough of GOSH, It's cheap, they do not test on animals
and the products are just amazing!!! 

Norway: Strawberrynet // Vita
UK:  Superdrug

Be careful when buying makeup online, be sure it's from a trusted shop, or seller-
 if the price looks to good to be true, it is!

If you buy something from hong kong or china, it is 99,9% sure to be fake, 
and remember- china does not have laws against animal cruelty!

Gosh part 1.

Thursday, March 21

RECIPE: Fried Chicken Nuggets.

I made chicken nuggets the other day. 
Thought I could share the process here.

I didn't find panco/pamco or whatever, 
So I used a regular bread.
crumble until the crumbles crumble ;)

(you need to crumble more then this. This is not crumbles! this is chunks. 
you'll see crumbles in pictures below)

Prepare The Chicken
Cut it in small cubes.
(I forgot to take photos of the cubes, but they looked like mcdonalds' chicken nuggets)

The flourmix
chili powder
 paprika powder
(Use whatever spice you like)
Measurements depends on how much chicken you're making 
and how much coating you want.

Crispy crumbles

Secret ingredient: Cheese doodlez.

I also forgot to take a picture of the egg and milk bath. 
(It seems like I forgot to take picture of some of the most "important" stuff)

Easy said;
Flour - egg&milk  - flour - egg&milk - crumbles - fry.

Fry for 3-5 minutes on each side

And eat your heart out. 

Saturday, December 8

Kodak No. 2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model B box camera

I was lucky enough to get a hold of an old box camera from Kodak.
This is what I found out
Kodak No. 2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model B box camera, constructed of card, wood, metal, leather and glass. Made in England between 1927 and 1930.

Embossed name on carrying handle reads, "No. 2 CARTRIDGE HAWK-EYE MODEL B"
Embossed markings on rear leatherette read,
Use "KODAK" Film No. 120"

I had to clean and fix it. You couldn't even see trough the glass screens, and one of them had fallen off. 
So I needed to glue it together again.

Here are a few shots from it before It was cleaned and fixed.

 This is where the glass screen has lost its contact *-*
and Cut.

Lancôme Mascara & MAC 187

I love L'extreme. It just makes my lashes look great.. Not buying again though, I learned Lancome is testing their products on animals.

And the MAC 187, the only mac product I'll ever own. They also test on animals as of 1.1.13.

But it's so many other makeup brands out there that don't test on animals,
that it won't be a problem finding substitutes! :-)

I already have with Gosh. 

Thursday, December 6

HOW TO: Clean the makeup bag after a horrible disaster

This happens to everyone. 
It's a vicious life cycle.
I lost the compact powder 2 cm above the bench.
You know the feeling.. The ice cold lightning that strikes you the minute you realize what you actually dropped out of your hand.
The eight hours you watch your compact powder fall from your finger tips to the table or floor,
where you are in no position to move to stop this horrific accident from happening.
No, you just have to watch it happen, every time.

The mess inside the makeup bag was an easy-fix.
I didn't wan't to clean the whole bag, 
just the part where the compact powder had been handing out free powder.

Cleansing wipe inside the bag,
Aaaaand, it's clean! 

I'm going to fix the compact powder later today, 
I forgot to make a DIY. 
But just to assure you, this isn't the last time I lose anything. 

//River Island makeup bag. 

Saturday, September 29

Hex nut bracelet // mutter armbånd

I made the "famous" hex nut bracelet today. 
The hardest part was trying to find small enough hex nuts at my local hardware store. 
The tutorials I used can be found @pinterest.

This is how the two pieces I made turned out.

Monday, May 9

The relaxing lounge

bed look-alike

the lamp

I will use this for my jewelry.

A lamp and the jewelry frame

So the curtains wont be all in my room! 

The room.

But seriously though, this is just a miniature room I made for a school project.