Thursday, April 25

DIY: Blackhead removal

I hope I'm not the only one with skin that dries up like a desert during winter. Ironic, Isn't it?
And with a bazillion blackheads suddenly appearing all over the T-zone.

As I am still wearing some sort of mummy mask smelling like egg whites, 
I don't really know if this will actually work for me.
I have read numerous of blog posts about this blackhead removal
and it seems everyone is working it out somehow.
So let's get on with it
How to remove blackheads
Egg white blackhead removal

Egg white(s)
Toilet paper

mostly hair...

I think you could get a better result if you place your head above some steam coming from boiling water.
Just  don't sit there for a long time, you're supposed to open pores, not steam boil your face.

I don't know If I will try this again.
Do you have any better ideas?

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