Thursday, December 6

HOW TO: Clean the makeup bag after a horrible disaster

This happens to everyone. 
It's a vicious life cycle.
I lost the compact powder 2 cm above the bench.
You know the feeling.. The ice cold lightning that strikes you the minute you realize what you actually dropped out of your hand.
The eight hours you watch your compact powder fall from your finger tips to the table or floor,
where you are in no position to move to stop this horrific accident from happening.
No, you just have to watch it happen, every time.

The mess inside the makeup bag was an easy-fix.
I didn't wan't to clean the whole bag, 
just the part where the compact powder had been handing out free powder.

Cleansing wipe inside the bag,
Aaaaand, it's clean! 

I'm going to fix the compact powder later today, 
I forgot to make a DIY. 
But just to assure you, this isn't the last time I lose anything. 

//River Island makeup bag. 

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