Thursday, October 28

Thrift store haul

Ringnes crate

crates and bottles

Green glassbottles and jars

cute flashlight! 

and a bucket. and a lace doily

Thrift store!

..In France.  
Just take a look at the pictures above, and it will make you wanna move there.
Every picture is taken of a girl who owns The Paris Apartment
And it's loaded with eyecandy.

Storage Ideas

Storage inspiration.

Thursday, October 14

Singer and shoes.

Tomorrow I will be the happy owner of, 
not just One, but TWO! Singer sewing machines : )

This picture is from a school in Stord.


THESE are also on the way home to me, right now.
I can't wait for it to be cold.

Sunday, October 10


I started with this at school in 2010.. 
Didn't finish it.. But someone told me it's now a part of the wall decoration, 
along with other pictures of course. 

And that's kinda cool, I guess. 

Saturday, October 9


 I'm almost done with this bikini/bathing suit.

I got these from my friend, Sandy! <3 i="i" love="love" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" them.="them.">